Mathew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

The Women’s Fellowship exits with the main objective for women to come together and increase the spiritual faith in every woman attending the fellowship. With this vision the fellowship serves around 40 women in our roster with an intended outcome to also spread the word of our living God in their own contexts.

This, they do as they gather every 4th Sunday after the tamil service to prayer concerning the needs of one another, prayer requests from families, the church, needs of the nation. They do start with a praise and worship, prayer, Bible study fellowship and this is followed up by group bible studies and an exciting time of quiz around the topic that they have been studying.

Our women’s fellowship has a unique way to accomplish tasks and takes lead in our church activities during festive and anniversary celebrations by setting up break-fast and snack stall and juices & coffee stalls, and lending hand during auction etc. They also prepare and sell pickles, juices and jams to generate revenue for the church.

Giving is also what the Lord has put in our hearts and it visible through the PIDI ARISI PAI will be collected during Advent season for the marginally weaker sections of our society. These are being given to the people who are in need and orphanges & homes which are hold by our Diocese. Apart from meeting and gifts, our Women’s fellowship team also provides them support through times of prayers, songs and by giving a short sermon for the burdened hearts.

Just as Luke 6:38 says every individual woman is enriched participating in the fellowship by actively involving in all the church activities as the Lord enables them to grow spiritually with Him and with each other.

Vice President: Mrs.Sugirtha

Secretary: Mrs.Rachel Elizabeth

Treasurer: Mrs. Barzilal

Registration is open to all women; do join us for the Fellowship.

Praise be to God!